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CASABLANCA In a natural setting of a privileged site, resource yourself in Casablanca.

City dwellers next to the sea...

Whether for a family holiday, a weekend for two, time off with friends, or a simple well-being break. Casablanca is the ideal destination to recharge your batteries.

Electric, eclectic, Casablanca is a city of its time. Full of history, as shown by its battlements and its typical medina where you can delight in getting lost. Or its city centre, full of character, yet assertively modern, the country's economic and business centre. At a mad pace, the four million inhabitants of Casablanca go up and down the busy main streets of the city, which change style in each district. Dreamers gather on the Corniche coast road, which ends in the majestuous Hassan II mosque open to visitors. The area is trendy and festive with restaurants and clubs along the sea front. You will also find art and culture. The Habous district is full of colour and noise. Casablanca is worth a visit.

As it benefits from the iodised sea air, the white city has become a favourite destination for well-being and getting fit, as different as it is luxurious at the VICHY CÉLESTINS SPA HOTEL CASABLANCA.