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Boutique Maison Les Célestins, Vichy Laboratories cosmetics and Moroccan artisanry



Open every day from 9am to 8pm, the Boutique is located in the reception area of the VICHY CÉLESTINS SPA. 

The 'Maison Les Célestins' offers visitors the best of their 'Health - Well-being - Beauty Care' stay in Morocco. Not only can you find the benefits of Vichy Mineralising Water captured in the ultra high performance cosmetics by Vichy Laboratories, abut also a concentration of Moroccan innovation, to offer to someone, or yourself.


The complete range of products by Vichy Laboratories

The power of Vichy Mineralising Water for a stronger skin, radiant with health.

The VICHY Mineralising Thermal Water is born in the volcanic region of the Auvergne, in France. Century after century it seeps through the cracks in the igneous rock, where it draws its unique powers.

During its thousand year journey, the Vichy mineralising thermal water travels to a depth of 4,000 metres and gathers 15 minerals along the way. It provides users, therefore, with a unique variety of rare minerals.

The mineral richness of Vichy Thermal Water is harnessed in all of the Vichy spa care treatments, to provide you on a daily basis all the benefits of this natural treasure.

Souvenirs of Morocco 

Do you love the Moroccan touch?

The 'Maison Les Célestins' selects the best of the creative and innovative Moroccan scene by using a concept-store dedicated to luxury Moroccan arts and crafts.

Morocco is rich with traditions and overflowing with talent imagining a thousand ways to revisit rituals, skills and know-how. The 'Maison Les Célestins' stocks a range of luxury products by, as yet, less well known brands, labels and designers.

Fashion, accessories, jewellery, decorative objects, the contemporary local craftsmen and women show their work in this space, which brings together pieces by the most inspired designers and artisans.